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January 2, 2011
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Wizards of Waverly Place WG Story

         It was a peaceful day at the Waverly Place Sub Station and business was booming and the place was packed. Alex Russo was taking orders, but wasn't very happy about it. She then went into the kitchen and noticed a sub that was left behind from a big order and she was very hungry. She reached for it, but her hand was slapped away by her father, Jerry Russo. He said to her, "Alex, your lunch was an hour ago, how can you still be hungry?" "I don't know", replied Alex, "Maybe because the lunch I got wasn't as good as these subs, jeez, you think that with working at a family sub station we would get some sort of family discount". Jerry replied, "Sorry Alex, but we just can't do that right now because we have to keep every cent we earn right now so we can go on vacation for the whole summer". Then a light bulb went off in Alex's head, "what if I watched the shop for the summer while the rest of you go away, I promise I'll keep the shop busy." Jerry thought about it, "I don't know, Alex, we'll be going to a lot of interesting places that Justin picked out". "Gee, Dad, I was really looking forward to that", she replied, with a look of disgust on her face, "but I'm willing to sacrifice my spot on the trip to watch over the sub station." "Alright, Alex, you can watch the shop, but no using magic while we're gone." replied Jerry. "Don't worry, dad, Harper will be here to make sure of that". Jerry still had a worried look on his face when he said, "we plan to leave first thing in the morning."

         Harper and Alex stood in front of the Russo family as they said their goodbyes. "We'll be back 3 months from now, on the last week of August", said Theresa, "and no funny business or parties while we're gone." As they walked out the door, Alex and Harper waved goodbye. "Bye, we'll take care of everything", said Alex, "and I'll make sure she doesn't use magic or burn the sub station down", added Harper. As the family got in a cab and headed to the airport, Alex and Harper went upstairs to their apartment. Alex landed on the couch and grabbed a bag of chips while Harper sat in the chair. "So", asked Harper, "what time do you think we should open the station tomorrow?" Alex looked up and said, "it's not opening until the end of the 3 month vacation, silly". "Why's that?", asked Harper, looking confused. "That was just a lie so I wouldn't have to go on that stupid vacation that had all of the destinations picked by Justin, psssh". "I have a better plan to do this summer, anyway, and you can be a part of it." Harper looked nervous and asked again, "what exactly is your plan?" Alex replied while still munching on the chips, "I plan to gain weight and get really fat, you want in?" Harper was skeptical at first, but then, which was totally unlike her, replied, "why not, I was always wondered what I would look like if I had a little meat on my bones".

         For the first month the girls were eating a lot of the subs from the sub station as well as other places, and the nonstop eating started to show. Harper had gained weight all over her body. Her boobs had gone up 2 sizes and, because of this, was designing a lot of skimpier outfits so she could show off the cleavage that she had. Her belly was slightly hanging over her waistband and constantly caused her shirt to rise up. Her hips were double of what they were before the gain and it already gave her a slight waddle. Her thighs were very thick and constantly jiggled just like her ass, which was probably 4 feet across, which swayed back and forth with every step she took. Alex, from all the constant snacking of chips, had gained weight mostly in her ass, hips, and thighs, as well as other parts. Her boobs had gone up at least 3 sizes and were always straining her tops, which revealed humongous amounts of cleavage. Her belly was slightly smaller than Harper's belly but was still making her shirt rise slightly. Her hips were about her arm length and her thighs were very round and jiggly Her ass was at least 5 feet across, and with the help of her hips and thighs, made it look even wider, rounder, and thicker. What Alex loved most about her gain was that when she walked, her gigantic ass would sway, wobble, and jiggle like it had a mind of its own. They were both happy with their gain so far, but this was only the beginning.

         "Don't we look great, Harper?" asked Alex, admiring her flabby self in the mirror while taking a large bite out of her once 10 foot sub. She rotated her body and patted every part of her body and watched each part jiggle, "I mean, don't you just love it when our bodies jiggle?" "Hell yeah, I do, Alex", replied Harper, who was devouring a triple layer chocolate cake and watching TV. Alex stopped rotating herself in the mirror and stopped on her now 6 foot wide ass, "just look at my ass, Harper, it's probably the biggest part on me". She then slapped it and saw it jiggle like Jello. "Your ass is nice, Alex", said Harper, looking back as best she could, "but my boobs are probably as big as yours now", patting them and watching her cleavage bounce and jiggle in her skimpy top. Alex waddled into the kitchen and asked Harper if she wanted anything, and Harper replied, "sure, could you get me, BBBBBBBUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPP, one of those 10 foot subs like the one you had, they looked good". "Sure, I'll get one for me as well", even though she had another 5 feet to go on the one she was currently eating. She made 2 more 10 foot subs and brought them over to the couch where Harper's ass had filled up most of it. "Scoot your big butt over and make some room", said Alex, as she tried to squeeze her giant ass onto the couch as well. she then figured since that there was no room between the couch and Harper' huge ass, Alex slid onto the floor and enjoyed her 10 foot sub while enjoying her 5 foot sub from the first one. Both Alex and Harper's boobs got in the way but found a way to make it work as they decided to use their huge and long cleavage as a conveyor belt to their mouths.
Then Alex finished her combined 15 foot sub and let out a belch, "BBBBBBUUUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPP".

         So all the girls did was stuff their faces and didn't open the station once. The 2 months finally ended and they were starting to notice that the apartment was starting to get a bit smaller than 3 months ago.

         The Russo family had just gotten out of the taxi cab and was eager to relax in their apartment. "That was the best vacation ever!", said Justin, while the rest of the family sarcastically agreed, "you bet". "I wonder how Alex and Harper's summer was, probably not as good as ours, maybe better", wondered Theresa, picking up the bags and headed inside. When they went through the Sub Station, it looked like a ghosttown. "What's up with this place, it looks as if not even one customer came in here over the summer",said Jerry. He then realized what had happened and yelled, "ALEX RUSSO!". He stormed up the spiral staircase leading up to the apartment as the rest of the family calmly followed. He opened the door and he and the rest of the family were shocked at what they saw. There was Harper, sitting in front of the TV, but was really fat. She was munching on a whole pizza and sucking down a very large bottle of Pepsi, that was settled into her very large cleavage, which was almost a mile long and was straining her tank top that looked like a bra on her. Her still very perky boobs were probably a GGG size and were sitting on her very round belly, which was hanging over the waistband of her sweatpants. "Oh hey, Mr. and Mrs. Russo, how was your vacation?", she asked while getting up with some difficulty and waddled into the kitchen. As she walked away, the Russo family caught a glimpse of her near 15 foot ass, which swayed, wobbled, and jiggled with each step. Her hips and thighs were so big that they tripled in size since last month and made her ass look bigger and wider that they really were. She grabbed a whole chocolate cake and milk out of the fridge and waddled back and landed with a lot of jiggling on what was left of the family couch. "Sorry about the couch", she said, "I'm still not used to all this weight", and patted her bellowing belly, which made her burp, "BBBBUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPPP". "Our vacation was great, Harper, now where's Alex, I have something to say to her", said Jerry. Harper replied while munching on some cake, "She's upstairs, but she should be down shortly." The ground started to shake as they looked up the stairs and they saw the daughter Russo, but maybe 10 times bigger than before they left. She came waddling down the stairs with a lot of jiggling and bouncing. Alex's boobs were probably JJJ size and still perky. She was wearing a Hooters Tank top that was very strained and revealed cleavage that was very curvy and almost 2 miles long. She was sipping on 5 bottles of Mountain Dew, which were lodged into her cleavage. Her belly was unimaginable, as it hung completely over the waistband of her pajama bottoms, almost to her feet, and made her tank top rise up. Her love handles were almost 2 feet each and were very flabby, but none of that was compared to her hips, thighs, and ass. Her hips were already double her arm length and her thighs were very thick and round. She was waddling over to her fat friend Harper while munching on a very big sub she made, but this one was almost 20 feet long and maybe 7 feet high. "Hey you guys, you want some of my sub?", she asked, as she took a rather large bite out of it. "Alex, you promised that you would keep the store open for the whole summer, but it didn't even look like a mouse was down there!" yelled Jerry. Alex replied, "I know this looked bad, but we paid for every sub we made and ate, and there's a fortune in the cash register, as you can plainly see.", as she patted her gigantic belly, as it wobbled like crazy. "But nothing is compared to this", she replied, as she rotated her humongous body and showed her father her titanic ass, which was probably 20 feet across. She then slapped it and watched it jiggle like jello, "most of the food I ate went to my ass, and I love it". She then landed her ginormous ass next to Harper in front of the TV and ate some of her sub. Halfway through it, she let out a big belch, "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP".

         Later that night, when everyone was asleep, Harper and Alex were still snacking and watching TV. Theresa then stepped out and and came to talk to them. "Hey you guys", she asked as they sat next to them, Why didn't you guys let me in on your little plan?" "We thought you would tell dad, and would make us go on the boring vacation". Theresa replied, "I wouldn't do that, I always wanted to get fat as well". She then reached for a doughnut and shoved half of it into her mouth. "Alex replied, "well if you want in, here's a bucket of chicken wings, you know what they say, like daughter, like mother". But this is another story...

Two months later...

         Harper and Alex were having a very large lunch in Alex's bedroom, and in the last 2 months, they were now both immobile. Harper's boobs were probably a III size and somehow still perky, which revealed 3 miles of amazingly jiggly cleavage. Her belly was past her feet and covered most of her body. Her thighs were very thick too, as they made her jiggly ass look like it was bigger and wider than 30 feet across. Alex was sitting on what was left of her bed, as that was only the mattress, and that was barely holding. Her boobs were probably PPP size and revealed cleavage that was almost 4 miles long and were almost uncontainable in the specially made hooters top. Her belly was so big that it was covering her body and half of Harper's belly. But her ass was the biggest of them all at an amazing 40 feet across. Even when the bedroom door was opened some of their jiggly fat flopped out of the room. Just then they heard something from outside the room, "BBBBBBUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP". Just then, Theresa waddled in enjoying some doughnuts, and was very big compared to when she started 2 months ago. Her boobs were a GGG size and revealed a lot of cleavage, which was always jiggling. Her belly was poking out of her top like crazy and always made them rise up. Her ass was probably 25 feet across, which got stuck for a couple seconds in the doorway. "Wow, these are really small doorways", as Theresa put her hands on her Humongous hips, "I wonder what happened to them?" She then rotated and showed off her jiggly ass to her daughter and her friend. "I don't know mom, maybe it was your ass that got bigger and wider?" replied Alex. "I know right", replied Theresa, "that's where most of the Twinkies, doughnuts, and chocolate cake have been going", as she slapped her ass and watched it jiggle like crazy. She then opened another box of doughnuts and lowered her ass in the middle of Alex and Harper and chowed down. "BBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP", she went as she devoured another box and patted her exposed, bellowing belly. "Next Stop, Immobility".
Another WG Disney story. I am open to ideas for another WG story if anyone has any
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ynahali Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
why didn't you have magic in the story this is wizards of waverly place after all 
BreastXpander Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2012
stick with disney. phineas and ferb is my idea
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I wish someone would make pictures to go along with this great story if someone dose I would fave them and this story
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can you do george lopez i'd like to imagine angie and carmen getting fat.
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y45w7 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011
I sort if agree with Chalkluke. Your stories could go alot further with some imagination. Not everyone gets fat over the summer or 3 months. But keep doin what ur doing.
chalkluke3 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
is summer your excuse for everything!?!?
kman985 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2011
only long break i could think of
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